Step 1: Stop Debt Collection

Dealing with debt collectors and creditors can be stressful. For this reason we hope you will trust us to do this for you. With our help, we can request your creditors to stop contacting you by phone and mail and direct all enquires to us.

Step 2: Information Gathering

With your help we learn more about your situation and your debts. We will also contact your creditors and speak with on your behalf.

Step 3: Solution

Once we know all about your debts, we will suggest some options to help you take control of your situation once and for all.

We specialise in debt consolidation, debt management and all sorts of other solutions.

  • Stop interest charges
  • Stop debt collection
  • Stop harassing phone calls and letters
  • Consolidate your debts into one, affordable payment

What a debt collector can't do

If someone says that you owe them money, they cannot:

  • Have you sent to gaol and cannot threaten to send you to gaol
  • Threaten you with harm
  • Threaten to tell your employer, neighbours or family about your indebtedness
  • Take and sell (or threaten to take and sell) any of your property over which they do not have a mortgage or other form of security unless they have an order from the Court
  • Threaten to garnishee (take) money from your wages without a court order
  • Ring you very frequently (say four times per week or more without good reason) or ring you at unreasonable times such as very early in the morning (before 7am) and/or very late at night (after 8pm)
  • Visit or ring you at your place of work
  • Send you letters that look like court documents (but are not court documents)
  • Use abusive or threatening language

“"My credit rating was ruined because of that old mobile phone bill, all the banks said no when i tried to re-finance, but you came through for me. Thanks Heaps..........Perry, ACT”

- Perry, ACT

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